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How to Apply A/B Test or Split Testing on KIRIM.EMAIL

You can do split testing to your email broadcast on KIRIM.EMAIL. Here are the steps.

  1. Login to APLIKASI.KIRIM.EMAIL page.
  2. Create a new email broadcastand and position your screen on the CONTENT step on the New Broadcast page.
  3. Click the A/B Testing button.

    Then appear 2 tabs, namely Email 1 and Email 2 as shown below:

  4. Click the Email 1 tab, the fields will change to Email Subject 1 and Email Content 1.

    If you click tab Email 2 then the fields will change to Email Subject 2 and Email Content 2.

    You can add tabs 3 and so on by clicking the + button.
  5. Write the subject and content of the email you want to test on each tab.
  6. When you’re done, click the NEXT button.
  7. In the PREVIEW step section, you’ll see the email you’re about to test.

  8. Specify when the broadcast email will be sent and other settings and then click the Send Broadcast button to send.
  9. Click the OK button on the successful notification.
  10. Finish.