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Create Email With Email Builder

On this page you will learn how to make email that looks interesting with email builder.

If you ever get an email from the marketplace or maybe from a bank, where it looks full of attractive and full-color images, that is one form of email created with an email builder.

To create the email using email builder, please kindly refer to the following guide.

Activate Email Builder

Email builders can be used in broadcast, autoresponder, or automation. To activate the email builder is easy. You just simply click on the Email Builder button as seen in the image below.

email builder button on the broadcast feature.
email builder button on the autoresponder feature.
email builder button on the automation feature

Get To Know the Anatomy / Layout of Email Builder

The picture above is the layout of the email builder available at KIRIM.EMAIL In general there are only 3 (three) main sections, which include:

  • Header
  • Canvas
  • Tools Panel


The header is the very top of the email builder. Consists of 6 main buttons which include:

  • The Templates button functions to select a builder email template available at KIRIM.EMAIL, both free and paid.
  • The Save button is used to save your design into a template. Then the design that you make will be stored on the KIRIM.EMAIL server and you can use it anytime. The Export button functions to convert the e-mail that you created in the e-mail builder into a template. The template that you export is a .JSON file extension. With this file you can open templates on other devices so that the design and content will be exactly the same as what you created before.
  • The Import button functions to insert the template into the email builder. In the future we will provide several free and paid templates that you can enter through this import button. Or if you have a designer team that is specifically in charge of creating email templates, you can import them via this butto
  • The Publish button is used to publish the email you created and will go to the next step in your process of creating an email broadcast, autoresponder or automation.
  • Close button works to exit from the email builder. You need to note that after clicking the close button, the last display will be saved in the browser. So that when you open the email builder at a later date, the first design and content that you create will appear first, as long as you don’t delete the Cache and the Cookies.


Canvas is a place to design and write your e-mail content. When you open the email builder for the first time, the appearance that appears on the canvas is like the picture below.

This is the default template that you can adjust its contents. So you no longer need to make an email from scratch. You only need to click on the contents, then edit, duplicate, delete or add new content blocks.

On this canvas there are also Undo and Redo features that you can use to undo previous actions. For example you accidentally delete content; you can restore your content with this Undo and Redo features.

Not only had that feature, this section also provides Preview to see how your email will look on both desktop and mobile devices. 

preview pada mobile
Email previews on mobile devices

Tools Panel

The tools panel is an important part of this email builder. With this part of the tools panel you can add new content, make a lot of settings for your e-mail, starting from color, margins, padding, etc. as well as search for millions of free images for your e-mail.

This Tools panel consists of 5 main tools, including:

  • Content
  • Blocks
  • Body
  • Images
  • and Uploads.

Making an Email with Email Builder

Next, in this section you will learn about how to make email with an email builder. Please follow the steps below to make it.

Change the background color of the email header

  1. Click the Row header of your email
  2. In the section of Row Properties > Background Color section, select the color you want or enter the color code

Change the email body background color

  1. Click the Body menu.
  2. In the General > Background Color section, select the color you want or enter the color code.

Change the logo

  1. Click the logo content.
  2. In the Image section, click Upload Image or enter the url of your logo in the Image URL section.

Changing and managing email heading

  1. Click the email heading
  2. Change the heading sentence to your liking.
  3. Make adjustments in the text editor (note the font size) and in the tools panel.

Change the email picture

  1. Click image content.
  2. In the Image section, click upload image or enter the url of your logo in the image URL section.

Change the contents text of the email

  1. Click the contents text of your email.
  2. Make adjustments to the text in the text editor and in the tools panel.

Add new content (example: Button)

  1. Click Content > Button in the tools panel.
  2. Drag and drop onto the canvas.
  3. Edit the button text.
  4. Do the content settings, such as URL, text color and button color, alignment and so on.
  5. You can repeat the same method for other contents.

How to duplicate content

  1. Click the content that you want to duplicate.
  2. Click the duplicate button.

Remove content

  1. Click the content that you want to delete.
  2. Click the delete button.

Thus the tutorial of Beautifying email with EMAIL BUILDER is. If there are difficulties or obstacles in using this email builder feature, please don’t hesitate to contact us.