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How to Access the Affiliate Menu on the Membership Page

You can earn commission from KIRIM.EMAIL if a sale is made through the link you shared. To get everything related to the KIRIM.EMAIL affiliate program, please follow these steps:

  1. Log in to the membership page.
  2. Click the Affiliate menu, then you will be directed to the Affiliate page.

Getting Affiliate Links

  1. On the Affiliate page, click the Banner & Links menu.
  2. Select the left or right column. The link in the left column will be directed to the landing page. While the link in the right column will be directed to the registration page.
  3. Copy the affiliate link in the “Affiliate Link” field and paste it on your landing page or website.
  4. Finished.

Viewing Statistics and Commissions

  1. Pada halaman Affiliate, klik tab Statistics.
  2. Lihat grafik yang sudah kami sediakan untuk melihat statistik affiliate, jumlah sales yang Anda hasilkan dan jumlah komisi yang akan Anda dapatkan.
  3. Selesai.

Setting Up Commission Payment Method

  1. On the Affiliate page, click the Payout Method tab.
  2. If you’ve never specified a payout method, click the Add Payout Information button.
  3. Select the available Payout Type, and enter your account data or bank account.
  4. If so, click the Save button.
  5. Finished.

Viewing Commission Payment History

  1. On the Affiliate page, click the Payout tab.
  2. Look at the table to get information about your commission payment history
  3. Finished.

Managing Coupons

  1. On the Affiliate page, click the Coupon tab.
  2. Click the Edit button in the Action column to change your affiliate code.
  3. Type your own affiliate code and then click the Save button.
  4. Finished.