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How to use Webhook Feature in Google Sheets Integration

For using a webhook feature in Google Sheets Integration, please do the following instructions:

1. Log in to with your username and password..

2. In the dashboard, click the Lists menu.

3. Click the Webhook menu.


4. And then, click the New Webhook button.

5. Fill in the provided form:

  • List: Select the list that you want to integrate with Google Sheets.
  • Type: Select one of the types that show on Google Sheets.
  • Integration: Select the Google Sheets.
  • Google Account: Select the Google account that will integrate with KIRIM.EMAIL and give permission or access to the system.
  • Select File: Select the file that will integrate.
  • Select Worksheet: Select the worksheet that will integrate.
  • Data Mapping: Set up the number of columns used to save the integration results with KIRIM.EMAIL.

6. Click the Submit button.

7. Done.

Then you can open Google Sheets to see the results.