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How To Import Contacts From Mailjet To KIRIM.EMAIL

For you who migrated from Mailjet to KIRIM.EMAIL, now you can import email contacts more easily and safely.

For how to import, follow these steps:

  1. Log in to the page.
  2. Click the List menu.
  3. Click the Migration Tools tab.
  4. Click the Setup button with the Mailjet logo on the left.

  5. In the SETUP section, enter the API Key and Secret Key of your Mailjet account. For how to get it, click here. After that, click NEXT.

  6. In the SELECT LIST & FIELD section, select the list and data you want to import. To do this, put the check on the list and data you want to import, then click NEXT.

  7. In the ORGANIZE section,
    • select the name of the list in the Set List field.
    • specify the status in the Set Status field.
    • set the tag in the Set Tags field (Optional).
    • check the Update Existing Subscriber checkbox if you want to update the same contact data in the list.
    • After that, click Next.

  8. In the REVIEW section, double-check all things related to this import process. If you want to change something, click the Back button; click the Start Over button if you’re going to start from the beginning. If everything is already clear and no changes, click the Import button.

  9. In the IMPORT STATUS section, you can see the progress of the contact import process from Mailjet to KIRIM.EMAIL. If it’s complete, the system will notify you.

  10. To view the log of this import process, you can click the Import Log button.
  11. Finished.

This is a tutorial on how to import email contacts from Mailjet to KIRIM.EMAIL. If you have any questions regarding this import process, please email us at [email protected].