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How to Set Magic Opt-in Form

Magic  opt-in is a form to get subscribers with an easy ways.

Follow the steps below to create the form:

  1. Log in to
  2. You can create a new form or edit the existing form..
  3. On the Content section, click Magic opt-in.
  4. On the Form tab, fill in the fields such as :
    • Title : Create your headline or title form.
    • Description : Write your form description.
    • Favicon URL : You can add your favicon website’s URL or not.
    • Youtube Code : You can also put the Youtube video URL to appear on the form.
    • Button Submit Label : Create the submit button on your form. For example: Subscribe, Register, Yes I Want, Send, and so on. The default label is Submit.
    • Button Close Label : Create the button to close your form. For example: Hide, I Don’t Want, Close, and so on. The default label is Close.

    • After that, look at the DESIGN section to see the changes.
  5. Click the Lead Magnet tab. Fill in with a link to access or download the lead magnet that you offer.

  6. click the Approval tab. In this tab, fill in the fields such as: :
    • Use predefined confirmation email :  It’s an option. You can select the confirmation email template that you created earlier. 
    • Email sender : select an available email address as the sender’s email.
    • Subject : Write the subject of the confirmation email.
    • Message : Replace with a confirmation email message according to your needs. For example: Download ebook here. Leave it if you don’t want any changes.

  7.  Click the Post Signup tab. On the Actions field. Choose one of the two options: :
    • Show Message. Select this option if you want to display a post submit a message on the default KIRIM.EMAIL page. So you don’t need to create a new page. You only need the headline in the Title field and the message field if you choose it.

    • Redirect. Select this option if you want to display a post submit a message on your page. If you choose this option, you only need to write your URL website page in the Link to External Page.

  8. Click the Email Recipient tab. The tab only appears when you enable the Forward to Email option. In this tab, fill in the fields with: :
    • Subject : write the subject of your email.
    • Recipient : enter the email address of the recipient.
    • If you want to add more recipients, click the Add New Recipient button.

  9. In the Custom Domain tab. It would help if you wrote the subdomain to access the form using your domain. You can learn more here.

After setting the Magic Opt-in, You can set the other sections in the form such as FIELD, DESIGN, and APPEARANCE.