Sequence of Lead Magnet Delivery by Autoresponder

Last modified: August 11, 2020
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If you do not know Lead Magnet:

“Lead magnets are something that we offer free of charge to prospects, so they want to provide contact information. The contact can be an email, telephone number, and/or address. “

Or you can also say:

A process where you help prospective customers to reach their goal (solve the problem), by providing solutions in stages, so that prospects want to give their contact and become customers who will buy the products we offer more than once.

However, I often see people who make great ebooks, then get promoted on Facebook, but they send it manually via email one by one. Here is the example:

lead magnet

There are around 350+ comments, can you imagine how to send it? ^ _ ^, you will spend a whole day to do this

This time we will learn how to send Lead Magnets automatically using KIRIM.EMAIL, without you having to send them one by one.

You need 4 things to send your Lead Magnets by KIRIM.EMAIL:

  1. List (Where Your Prospects’ Email Addresses Are)
  2. Opt-In Form
  3. Landing Page (optional)
  4. Autoresponder

The flow is as simple as this:


Someone will fill in their email address on the Form, after that the email will be placed on the List, the Email Autoresponder will be sent automatically to the email that entered into the List earlier.

Here I have also prepared several emails sending Flow charts with various Scenarios that you can choose.

alur lead magnet


The complete explanation is in the video below:

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