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How To Integrate SuiteDash With KIRIM.EMAIL

SuiteDash is a software platform that includes CRM, collaboration, scheduling, and file-sharing applications.

If you’re using SuiteDash and wish to connect it with KIRIM.EMAIL, kindly follow these steps below:

  1. Log in to
  2. Create a new workflow with the following criteria:

    • Select connect “SuiteDash” with “KIRIM.EMAIL“.
    • Then trigger the “New Contact” and “Add Subscriber” responses.
    • Click the Try it button.
  3. If no accounts are connected yet, create a new one.
  4. To fill out the form, please enter the Suitedash dashboard.

  5. Click the Account button at the top right of the page > select Integrations.

  6. Please copy and paste the User ID and Token from the Zapier Integration section into the Zapier integration form.

  7. Connect your KIRIM.EMAIL account with Zapier by entering your username and API Key.

  8. Select List.

  9. Map the fields. If a custom field hasn’t yet appeared, please create one in Kirim.Email and make sure that the selected list has been set to the default field according to your needs.

  10. Click the Send Test button

  11. Finished.