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Last modified: Juli 16, 2020
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Here is how to send your broadcast email in a few simple steps:

1st step

Log in to the page with your username and password.

2nd step

After that you will be on the Dashboard. On this page there is New Broadcast button in the upper right corner. Please click the button to start creating the broadcast email.

3rd step

You are currently on the Create New Broadcast page. On this page there are several fields and options. You can adjust based on your needs. The explanation is as follows:

  1. What is your broadcast name? Fill in the name of your campaign or broadcast email.
  2. Who will this broadcast be from? Select the email address that you have as the sender of the email.
  3. List : Select which list you want to send the broadcast email to.
  4. Segment : Select which segment you want to send the e-mail broadcast (optional).
  5. After filling the form, click the Next button to proceed to the next step.
4th step

You are still on the Create New Broadcast page in the second section, CONTENT.

On this page, please type the email subject in the Email Subject section and fill in the Email in the Email Content section.

In addition, you can also do a split test by clicking on the section in which provide A/B Testing to the right of Email Content.

When you are done with it, please click the Next button at the very bottom of this page.

5th step

After that you will enter the third part (PREVIEW) from the Create New Broadcast page.

On this page you can see a preview of the e-mail you will send. Then you can also specify when your email will be sent. You can also choose whether you want to enable the tracking feature or not. 

When finished, click the Send Broadcast button to start sending your broadcast e-mail.

6th step

After that a pop up will appear and states Success as in the picture below. Click the OK button to end the process of creating this e-mail broadcast


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