KIRIM.EMAIL and Google Sheet Integration Tutorial

Last modified: Juli 9, 2020
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The following is a tutorial on how to integrate KIRIM.EMAIL with Google Sheets.

This method is one of the ways we recommend to add contacts at KIRIM.EMAIL.

The process is uncomplicated. The flow starts with:

  • Create a Spreadsheet File (you can do it via Google Form or directly through the Google Sheets),
  • Create an email list at KIRIM. EMAIL (if you do not have a list yet)
  • Integrate all the elements such as File Name, Sheet Name, Data Mapping, List, Sync Duration, and Status.

KIRIM. EMAIL and Google Sheets Integration Tutorial

Step 1

Please log in to KIRIM.EMAIL application page at

Step 2

After entering the dashboard page, click the Integrations menu.

Step 3

On the Integrations page, click the icon that has the Google logo with Google Sheet text

Step 4

On the Google Sign In page, click the Google Sign In & Add Permission button.

Step 5

Click the allow (izinkan) button to integrate your Google account with the KIRIM.EMAIL service.

Step 6

You will see the ‘Add Sheet to Sync’ page as shown below. This means the permissions have been successful, but the integration process is still not complete.

Step 7

On the ‘Add Sheet to Sync’ page, you have to adjust several files. They are:

  • File Name: Select the file name from your Google Sheet.
  • Sheet Name: Select the name of the sheet that is in your Google Sheet file.
  • Data Mapping: Customize the fields in your Google Sheet with the ones in KIRIM.EMAIL. You can use the == ignore == option if you do not want to synchronize the data.
  • List: Select the list to store the data that you want to integrate.
  • Sync Duration: Specify how many days you want to synchronize. Suppose you fill 7 days then in 7 days the system will synchronize continuously. After 7 days the synchronization process will stop. You can set it for a maximum of 30 days.
  • Status: You can either enable or disable this integration.

Step 8

If you have set everything up, finally click the Save button.

You have finished KIRIM.EMAIL and Google Sheets tutorial. If there are any inquiries or obstacles in the process, please contact us via

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