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Email Broadcast Are Not Sent To (Several) Yahoo Email Addresses?

Maybe you’ve sent a broadcast email to many email addresses that include Yahoo email addresses. But, after reviewing the data, it was discovered that one or more Yahoo email addresses are not receiving your email. You’ve checked the spam, but found nothing. So what actually happened and what was the solution?

The Reasons

If this happened to you, it may be due to several things, including:

  • Yahoo Rate Limit. Yahoo limits the number of incoming emails per hour from the same IP address.
  • Queue. When you send a broadcast email, there is a fairly large queue on the Yahoo server.
  • Email Filtering. Broadcast emails that you send are filtered on Yahoo servers, so they don’t go directly to the Inbox.

The Solutions

Here are some solutions for overcoming this:

  1. Make sure the Advance Sender Domain feature is enabled. If not, turn it on first. Please learn how to do it here.
  2. Wait for a few hours if the Advance Sender Domain is already active.
  3. If it’s not sent up to 1×24 hours, segment Yahoo email users and re-send to that segment. Please learn how to segment here.
  4. If the email is still not sent after that time, please contact the owner of the Yahoo email to get it replaced with a non-Yahoo email.