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How To Fill In The Data On The Welcome Page

When you first enter the KIRIM.EMAIL application dashboard page, you will meet the Welcome Page. This page only appears once and will disappear after you fill in the data requested by the system.

On this welcome page, there are 3 sections that you need to fill out, including:

  • Business Details
  • Contact Info
  • and Email Sender.

To fill it out, please follow these steps:

Business Details

  1. Choose your business category.
  2. Write the URL of your website or social media.
  3. Write down your plan of using KIRIM.EMAIL service.

  4. Answer the question: Do you have an email database?
    • If Yes, then explain in the provided box:
      1. Where did you get the email database from.
      2. Which website address did you use to get the email database.
      3. And, upload a screenshot of the open rate or click rate of the email marketing service that you used before. This will affect our assessment.
        If you have not used an email marketing service before, put a tick in the “I have never used any email marketing tools/service” option.

    • If No, you will not be able to import or sync your email database for the next 1 month.

  5. Put a tick in the “I’m ready for verification” option and double-check the answers you filled in the form. Because after you submit, the answer will not be able to be changed again.
  6. If you are sure, then click the Submit My Answers button.
  7. Click the Setup My Account  button and wait a maximum of 1 working day for the review process.

  8. Finished. Next, you will enter the second section, namely Contact Info.

Contact Info

After filling out the previous section, you are now on the Contact Info page. You need to complete this page because it is a form of compliance with international regulations regarding Spam.

Unlike the previous section, you don’t have to worry about making mistakes because you can update everything you fill in on this page later.

To fill it out, please follow these steps:

  1. Write down the name of your business or company.
  2. Click the Add Tagline button and fill in your business tagline (Optional).
  3. Write down your full business address.
  4. Write down the city and postal code of your business.
  5. Write down the country where your business is located.
  6. Click the Add Phone button and write down your business phone number (Optional).
  7. Click the Add Website button and write down your business website address (Optional).
  8. Choose the Timezone that suits your business.
  9. If you have filled everything in, the Continue button will automatically appear. Click the button to continue to the next section.
  10. Finished.

Email Sender

Next, you are in the email sender section. In this section, you are asked to write down the email address that will be used to send the email.

You must use a business email account or an email with your own domain. You may not use free email, such as Gmail, Yahoo, and others as an email sender.

If you have a business email

So, before importing your own email, make sure you have a business email address with your own domain.

If you already have it, please follow these steps:

  1. Write down your name in the Full Name field.
  2. Enter your business email address in the Email address field.
  3. After that, the Send Activation Code button appears. Click the button to send the activation code.
  4. Open your email and search for the email from KIRIM.EMAIL, then click the activation link.
  5. Finished.

Note: If you get stuck on a page after clicking the Send Activation Code button and don’t get an activation email, please follow the solution guide here.

Instant Email Sender

For you who don’t have a business email, don’t worry. Now you can use a free business email domain that we have provided, so you can directly use the KIRIM.EMAIL services.

To make the settings, kindly follow the steps below:

  1. On the Specify Your Email Sender section, click on the link of Use an instant free alternative domain here.

  2. Enter your name in the Full name field. As for the email address, it has been filled in automatically by default and uses the format: The username uses the email address that you entered when you registered to KIRIM.EMAIL. So when there is an email reply, it will still go and be forwarded to the same email address.
  3. After that, click on the Create and Go to Dashboard button to get your email.

  4. Now you can go to the dashboard page. When the review process is complete, you can start using the KIRIM.EMAIL services such as creating lists, creating forms/landing pages, creating autoresponders, sending broadcast emails, and so on.

  5. Finished.

Usage notes:

  • Each user only gets 1 default sender.
  • You cannot change this email address which is automatically determined by the username.
  • You can delete and edit the sender’s name.
  • No verification is required; your email will be activated immediately after passing the welcome page.
  • Currently, it can only be created through the onboarding page. You cannot make this setting on the email sender settings page.