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Last modified: September 8, 2020
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In March 2019 we adopted the Full Double Opt-In policy. This policy makes KIRIM.EMAIL users cannot use the Single Opt-In form anymore. This policy is considered fail.

So, we create and provide a better solution than single Opt-in. We create this solution as easy as Single Opt-in. At the same time, it makes your email database better like Double Opt-in. This solution is called Magic Opt-in. 

The Difference Between How The Double Opt – In and Single Opt – In Works. 

How Double Opt – in works in general is as follows: 

  • Prospective subscribers register through the form
  • A response page appears, registering the e-mail address
  • Prospective subscribers get a confirmation email and click the confirmation link
  • A response page appears confirmed as a subscriber
  • Subscriber receives an email to download the lead magnet.

Whereas the way this Magic Opt-In works is much simpler. How it works as follows:

  • Prospective subscribers register through the form
  • A response page appears, registering the e-mail address
  • Prospective subscribers get an email containing the lead magnet download link. Once the link is clicked the lead magnet will be downloaded and at the same time he also confirms his email address. So that the status immediately changes to a subscriber automatically.

Magic Opt – in Settings

Create a New Form

  • Go to the Aplikasi KIRIM.EMAIL page
  • Click the Forms menu
  • Click the New Form button to create a new form. Or the Edit option in the Action column to adjust the Single Opt-In form to Magic Opt-In. In this tutorial we chose to Create a New Form.
  • Then the Create New Form pop-up appears in the picture below. Enter the name of the form in the Name section. Select the available list to save data from the form or the Create New List button if you don’t have a list yet. Then click the Create Form button to create the form .

Magic Opt-in

Then the page appears as shown below. In the CONTENT section, please choose the Magic Opt-in.

There are 4 tabs in the Magic Opt – in which include:

  • Form
  • Lead Magnet Settings
  • Conformation Settings
  • and Post Sign Up.

Each of these tabs has their respective functions. You can fill it according to your needs. In this tutorial we will model it as follows:

Form Tab

  • Title: Best Keyword Research Tools. Free!
  • Description: I use this tool to research keywords. In my opinion this is the best keyword research tool I have ever used. Now you can also access these tools for free by filling out the following form.
  • YouTube Code: –
  • Button Submit Label: Submit
  • Button Close Label: Hide

Lead Magnet Settings Tab

  • Lead Magnet Link : .
    Here we can input the lead magnet download link that we promised. But if you don’t have lead magnets, you can learn Practical Lead Magnet material that you can access here .

Confirmation Settings tab

  • Use predefined confirmation email : default
  • Email sender :
  • Subject : Free Access to the Best Keyword Research Tools
  • Message : Click the button below to access the best keyword research tools for free. I use it to do keyword research to date. And with this tool, I can get keywords that are able to bring thousands of traffic per month on the website that I manage. If after clicking the button below you get the message Suspicious link, just click the Proceed button. Because we have confirmed the link on this button 100% safe.

Change the Call to Action

For CTA in the Confirmation Settings section, the default is Download. We can replace it according to what we want. The trick is as follows:

  • Click thel Source/ Sumber button:
  •  Replace the Download CTA with the CTA you want:
  • Click the Source button once again to return to normal mode.
  • CTA has been successfully replaced and you can see the results in the image below.

Post Sign Up tab

  • Action : Show Message
  • Title : Thank you for filling out the form
  • Message : For free access to the best keyword research tools, we have sent it to your email. Next, please open your email and look for an email with the sender Then click the button in the email to start accessing keyword research tools.

Choose Design and Save the Form

If you have done with the 6th step next, go to the DESIGN column and select one of the 3 available tabs (Form, Slide or Bar). In this tutorial we chose Slide.

If everything has returned to the top, then change the status from OFF ton ON the click the Save button.


Install Forms on the Website

After you have finished setting up the form, the next step is to install the form on your website. There are two ways to install forms on your website.

Through WordPress Plugin

The first way is through the WordPress Plugin which you can download for free here.

Through Manual Code Copy

And the second way is by copying the code that is available on each form. This code can be found at the very bottom and page of this form.

After that go to your website and paste the code. Then the result will be looked like the following picture:

Thus the tutorial of Magic Opt – in is. If there are difficulties or something unclear please contact us via email at .

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