How to Make a Confirmation Email

Last modified: Juli 16, 2020
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In this tutorial you will learn how to create a confirmation email.

A confirmation email is an email containing a link, which when the link is clicked will be an agreement from the owner of the email address to voluntarily become your subscribers.

So if the link in the confirmation email is not clicked, then the email address will not be your subscribers and the email that you send later will not reach them.

This is one of the application forms of marketing permissions via email. So when in the future there is someone who feels he never gave his email address to you, then you can refute it by proving this confirmation email.

How to Make a Confirmation Email

For making this confirmation email is actually very easy. Please kindly follow the steps below:

Step 1 : Log in to the page and enter your username and password.

Step 2 : After that you will enter the dashboard page. Please click the Forms menu on this page.

Step 3 : Next click the Confirmation Emails tab.

Step 4 : Then click the New Confirmation Email button.

Step 5 : Then you will go to the Create New Confirmation Email page. Please fill the forms that are provided on this page such as:

  • Name : The name of the confirmation email. The aim is to differentiate from other confirmation emails.
  • Email sender : Your email address.
  • Subject : The email subject that you want to use in this confirmation email.
  • Message : Fill in the confirmation email message that you send.

What you need to consider is in the Message section. In this section there is a default sentence that is written: 

“Click Konfirmasi to confirm your subscription”

You may delete or edit the sentence with your own sentence, except the link (in blue).

If you delete or edit the link, the link can be broken and not function properly.

After writing all of that, please click the Submit button to save this confirmation email.

Step 6 : After that the Success pop up will appear. Click the OK button to end the process of creating this confirmation email. Your confirmation email is ready to be called when creating a new form.

Langkah 7 : Finish.

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