Basic Autoresponder for Online Stores

Last modified: August 11, 2020
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In this article, we will discuss the basic autoresponder tutorial for online shops. We have discussed Autoresponder in a separate article: Example of Email Autoresponder: The Email You Must Send After You Got Sales.

It is just that the article was intended for the online shop owners and they already run email marketing as a marketing channel. With this article, we hope that online shop owners who are already using email marketing, have a clear picture of optimizing email marketing in their online stores.

But if you have not run email marketing and intend to start using it, we will provide you with a useful information.

This article presents a recording of a webinar conducted by Mr. Fikry, Founder of KIRIM.EMAIL not a long time ago. The title of the website is the Basic Autoresponder Tutorial for Online Stores.

To watch this webinar, you can directly click on the video below.

The webinar above specifically discusses everything related to email marketing, autoresponders, and online stores. Among them:

  1. Why does this webinar exist?
  2. The goals of this webinar
  3. Why Email Marketing?
  4. Get acquainted with Leads: 1 Step Leads vs 2 Steps Leads
  5. 2 Main Principles of Repeat Orders: Bidding vs. Recurring Revenue
  6. 9 Examples of emails that can be used as autoresponders
  7. Good luck!
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