How To Import Contacts (Subscribers) With Google Sheets

Last modified: January 7, 2022
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The following is a tutorial on how to import contacts (subscribers) with Google Sheets.

This method is the most recommended way to import or add contacts to the KIRIM.EMAIL list.

The methods are also very easy, such as:

  1. Create a Spreadsheet File first (via Google Forms or Google Sheets).
  2. Then, create an email list at KIRIM.EMAIL (if you don’t have a list yet).
  3. Do the integration, such as File Name, Sheet Name, Data Mapping, List, Sync Duration, Sync Period and Status.

Steps to Import Contacts With Google Sheets

Accessing the “Google Sheet – Sheet Lists” page

You can select between these two methods to access the Google Sheet – Sheet Lists page.

Method 1: Via Menu Lists

  1. Log in to the page.
  2. Click the List menu
  3. Select a list to which you want to add a contact.
  4. Click the Subscribers button in the Action column.

  5. You are now on the Manage Subscribers page. Click Options > Import Subscribers..

  6. Click the Import with Google Sheets button.

  7. Continue to start importing contacts (read the guidance below).

Method 2: Via Integrations Menu

  1. Log in to the page.
  2. Click the Integrations menu.
  3. Select the Google Forms / Sheets menu.

  4. Continue to start importing contacts (read the guidance below).

Start Importing Contacts

You are currently on the Google Sheet – Sheet Lists page. To start importing contacts, please follow these steps:

  1. Click the Add Sync button.

  2. After that, you will enter the Add Sheet to Sync page.

    Make settings in each field as follows:
    • Google Account. In this field, click the Select button, then select your Google account and allow KIRIM.EMAIL to access your Google Sheet.
    • File Name. Click the Pick button and select which spreadsheet file you want to import.
    • Sheet Name. Select the sheet name you want.
    • Data Mapping. Do a mapping of the data you have.
    • Tags. Write a tag on the list that you use to import contacts. Use a comma if you want to write more than one tag.
    • List. Select which list you will use to store contact data from Google Sheets.
    • Sync Duration. Specify how long the sync will run. For example, suppose you fill it in for 30 days, then the system will continue to sync as long as there is an update in your Google Sheets data within 30 days.
    • Sync Period. Specify how many hours the system will check every Google Sheet file you are integrating. For example, suppose you select every 8 hours, then the system will check whether there is an update or not every 8 hours.
    • Status.The last field is Status. Click on the Running/Stop button to display the status of your import process.
  3. If so, click the Save button to save your settings.
  4. Finished.


  • Since this feature already supports multiple accounts, you can add integration or import contacts with your other Google accounts.
  • You can adjust the current sync or import by clicking the Edit menu in the Action column.
  • You can also see how the sync or import process runs, whether something failed or not, and how many failed and succeeded in the logs menu in the Action column.
  • If you already have data in KIRIM.EMAIL that no longer needs to be synchronized or imported, you can delete it by clicking the delete button in the Action column.
  • In practice, there is a possibility that this import process will fail. To find out how to fix it, learn more here.
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