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Last modified: September 3, 2020
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There is a term in the world of email marketing which is commonly called bounce email. This can happen to anyone, especially those who have frequently used autoresponder.

So, what is Bounce Email? What is the reason for this Bounce? Why is it bad for your email marketing? And how to solve this problem?


Bounce emails can be defined as emails that do not go to your subscriber’s inbox. There are 2 types of bounces:

  1. Hard bounce: it means that the email cannot be sent due to permanent causes such as fake email, and the email domain is not the real domain.
    What you have to do is simply delete the emails on the list.
  2. Soft bounce: it means that the email cannot be sent due to a temporary problem.
    Common causes: the inbox is full, the email file is too large, the email is suspended
    What you have to do is pay attention and check, if the bounce happens frequently, you better delete the email from the list.

The Reasons for the Bounce

1. Email address does not exist, it could be due to a typo or a fake email
2. Email addresses are abandoned, it is caused by unavailable email servers or it is shut down temporarily. The overloaded server can also cause this problem
3. Mailbox is full
4. The email owners use autoreply. If this happens repeatedly, consider removing the email from the list. However, if it just happens once in a while you do not have to worry because the email is delivered but the owner cannot reply to it.
5. Email is blocked by the server.

What You Have to Do

1. Delete bounced email. You just have to remove it from the list, that is the best you can do to solve this.
2. Use double opt-in. This is what you have to do to prevent bounce. This method allows the email users to confirm their email manually. It will make sure that the email they provide is the real email.

So, will KIRIM.EMAIL delete bounce emails on the user list?

We will not delete the email, but we will mark it as a bounce if it happens four times a soft bounce or two hard bounces.
You can check the report and the list of KIRIM.EMAIL dashboard

How do I check my Bounce email?

You can follow these guidelines to check it:

Go to the list then click the Subscriber menu, then select Dropdown (Top Left Corner), select the BOUNCED menu



The email will move to the bounce folder when it reaches a score of 2
The score for Soft bounce: 1
The score for Hard Bounce: 2
The email will move to the bounced folder if the total score accumulated has reached a score>= 2

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