Creating CSV File With Excel/Google Sheet

Last modified: December 23, 2021
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Making a CSV file from Microsoft Excel is simple. However, when you follow the tutorial in the internet, sometimes that method is no longer valid. When you open the CSV file or you use it to import data, the process will fail.

On this page, we will share about how to create CSV files from Microsoft Excel and other spreadsheet applications such as Numbers on MacOS, Google Sheets, and similar applications.

Whatever application you use be it Microsoft Excel, Numbers, or Google Sheets, in principle the order of the process is the same. We will demonstrate it to you with the Google Sheet application.

The way to create a CSV file is as follows:

  1. Please download the CSV template file first here.
  2. After that, please open your browser then open Google Sheet or click here to go directly to Google Sheet.
  3. On a page like the one below, please click the red button in the lower right corner (see picture).

  4. After that, you will be directed to the Google Sheet page. On this page please click on the File> Open menu and an Open a File pop-up will appear and select the Upload tab as shown below.

  5. In the pop up above, please click the Select a file from your computer button and look for the template file that you downloaded earlier in the step. Then the file that you downloaded earlier will appear as shown below.

  6. After this you can add data in both columns and rows to your preference. Even changing the name of the column is also possible. But as an example, we will add only the data so that the end result is as follows.

  7. After you have finished editing the data, we will now export the file to CSV file. Click the File menu> Download as> Comma – separated values (.csv, current sheet).

  8. And in the last step you just need to change the name of the file and click the download button. Then your CSV file is ready to be used to import data.

Good luck! 🙂

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