Importing Contact From ConvertKit To KIRIM.EMAIL

Last modified: March 22, 2021
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How To Import Email Contact From ConvertKit To KIRIM.EMAIL

To import the email contact from ConvertKit to KIRIM.EMAIL you can follow the steps below:

First step

Open your browser, type , then log in with your username and password.

Second step

After successfully logging in, click the LISTS menu in the main menu.

Third step

Then you will be in the List page. Find the Migration Tools and then click it.

Fourth step

In the Migration Tools, you will find logo ConvertKit with the SetUp button in the right side. Click the Setup button.

Fifth step

In this page, there are several parts in the Import Subscribers that must be filled to import. Those several parts are:

  • Setup
  • Select List & Field
  • Organize
  • Review
  • Import Status


In this section please enter the API key and Secret Key from your ConvertKit account. To get it please kindly click here. Then click NEXT button.

Sixth step

Select List & Field

After successfully inputting the API key and Secret Key you must choose which forms and data you want to import.

All you can to do is check the forms and the data you want to import and then click the Next button.

Seventh step


In this section choose Set List you want to use to save the result of imported contact from the ConvertKit, Set Status and also set the tags trough the Set Tags if needed.

If there are the same contacts in that list and you want to update the data, please check the Update option on the Update Existing Subscriber section.

Then click Next button.

Eighth step


In this section you can recheck anything related to this import process.

If there are changes, please click the Back button. If you want to start from the beginning click the Start Over button and if it is good and there are no changes click the Import button.

Ninth step

Import Status

The last is Import Status section. Here you can see the progress of the importing contact from the ConvertKit to KIRIM.EMAIL.

You can leave this page and do not need to wait. If the import process is complete, the system will inform you.

To see the log of this import process you can click the Import Log button.


Those are the tutorial on how to import the email contact from ConvertKit to KIRIM.EMAIL. If you find difficulties or there is something to ask related to this process do not hesitate to send us email on

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