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Last modified: July 21, 2020
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To build a list, you will always need a form. In email marketing, we call it Opt-in. If the e-mail list is likened to a house and the e-mail registered is the guest, then the Opt-in form is the gateway. Without the Opt-in form, we cannot automatically build a list. 

There are 3 Opt – in Forms on KIRIM.EMAIL, including:

  • Simple Opt-In
  • Double Opt-In
  • Single Opt-In

On this page we will learn about how to manage forms with double Opt – in types. For understanding how to make a double opt – in please kindly see the following steps.

How to Make a Double Opt – in Form

Step 1

Open your browser and type Then log in with your account username and password. 

Step 2

After entering and being on the dashboard page, click the Forms menu.

Step 3

Click the New Form button on the Manage Forms page.

Step 4

Then the Create new form pop up appears. In this pop up, specify:

  • What is the name of your form? Then type it in the Name section
  • Which list will you use to store the data? Then give a check mark in the List. If you don’t have a list, please make it first. 

If you have specified these 2 things, then click the Create Form button.

Step 5

On the page as shown in the following image, in the CONTENT section select column number 2: Standard Double Opt – in.

In this section there are 3 tabs which include:

  • Form
  • Confirmation Settings
  • Post Sign Up.

For setting those 3 tabs, please follow the instructions below.

Tab Form

  • Title: type the headline of your form.
  • Description: Write a description or explanation or copy-writing from your form.
  • YouTube Code: Enter your YouTube url. (optional)
  • Button Submit Label: Specify the name of the submit button.
  • Button Close Label: Specify the name of the exit button.

For a display of what you specify will appear on the right side in the DESIGN section.

Tab Confirmation Settings

On this tab you are asked to specify a confirmation email. The settings are as follows:

  • Use predefined confirmation email: Here you can choose a confirmation email that you have previously made. If you have never made it, just leave it default ( – New Confirmation Email – )
  • Email sender: specify the email address that will be the sender of your confirmation email.
  • Subject: Determine what your email subject is.
  • Message: Specify the contents of your confirmation email.

Tab Post Sign Up

In this section you are asked to determine what steps need to be taken after the form has successfully sent your leads data.

In this tab there are 2 parts, including:

  • SIGNED-UP: message appears after the leads send their data.
  • CONFIRMED: message appears after leads click the link in the confirmation email.

Basically this section has two cores. 

 If you choose Show message then you must fill in the Title
and Message that will appear after the leads perform a certain action.

Whereas if you choose redirect then you need to create a web page first. 

Step 6

Then the display appears as shown below. In this section we need to focus on the 2 buttons in the upper right corner

  • Activate the form by sliding the button from Off to On (from red to green)
  • Click the Save button to save your form.
Step 7

After that a pop up informs you that the form has been successfully created. Click the OK button to exit.


Please see the following video about creating an Opt – in form. If there are difficulties in accessing the video, you can follow the step by step tutorial above this video.

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