Customer Journey Map on Email Marketing

Last modified: July 21, 2020
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In this article we will discuss about a topic that might be a bit heavy, the customer journey map on email marketing. Even though this topic is rather heavy, we need to convey this because the customer journey map is very important for a business, especially an online business. By studying this customer journey map you can get a picture of how and where your customer know, recognize and finally make a purchase. 

What Is a Customer Journey and the Definition of a Customer Journey Map

Customer Journey is one’s journey starts from knowing/finding information about your product or brand, the visiting your website, then buying your product and make repeated purchases. While customer journey map is a map that illustrates a customer’s journey in one complete picture.

If you search for a Customer Journey Map image on Google maybe you won’t find the same picture. Because basically there are no fixed rules in making and drawing maps of this customer’s journey. So you can make this map yourself based on your customer’s journey.

However, in general, there are several main stages in this customer journey including:

  1. Awareness. It is the first stage of the customer journey. At this stage of awareness, your potential customers only know about you and the product you sell. 
  2. Consideration. It is the second stage of the customer journey. At this stage, prospective customers become interested in your product or service. Then they look for information about the products or services you offer, visit your website, your social media account, register with your opt-in form and so on.
  3. Purchase. It is the third of the customer journey. At this stage prospective customers who are interested in your product or service change the status to customers because they have made a payment.
  4. Retention. This is the next step after your customers make their first purchase. Retention is another word of repeat order.
  5. Advocacy. This is the last and highest stage of the customer journey. At this stage your customers not only make repeated purchases, but already trust fully with you or your brand so that when your product or brand is blasphemed by haters, your loyal customers will voluntarily defend your product or brand.

Customer Journey Map on Email Marketing

The Customer Journey Map in email marketing is a little bit different from the customer journey map in general. Here the nature is more specific because it is also part of the customer journey map in general. Then how does the customer journey map in email marketing look like? You can see it in the image below:




Prospect are people who have never made a purchase to you. But they are the people who have followed your social media account, read your blog and watched your videos. 


Subscribers are prospect who are willing to give their mail address. You can start sending educational emails and promotional emails to your subscribers. The goal is to get clicks and sales from them. 


Customers are prospects or subscribers who make purchase to you. And this customer is divided into two, including:

Inactive Customer

Inactive customers are customers who only make a purchase once and within a certain period they do not make a purchase or subscribe again.

Loyal Customer

Loyal customers are the opposite of inactive customers, which are customers who often make repeated purchases or always subscribe to your product or service. Not only that, they are even willing to recommend your product or service to other people they know.

That’s the customer journey map on email marketing. With this map, you can understand and find out the critical points between these categories. What makes someone decide to buy, what makes them come back again and again, you can get the information from the map.

Once you know the customer journey map in this email marketing, the next is to maximize existing ones and improve the pathways that prevent customers from making purchases. Are you ready to make this customer journey map?

Thus the articles about customer journey map and see you in the next article.

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