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Last modified: August 11, 2020
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In this article, we will discuss a topic on market segmentation with email marketing. To be more specific, the content is about How to Perform Location-Based Segmentation with the Geolocation Feature at KIRIM.EMAIL.

Segmentation in Email Marketing

Most of the email marketers use behavior as their segmentation strategy.

segmentasi pasar

Segmentation can be based on anyone who opens an email and anyone who does not. Then you can also segment whoever clicks on your email and who does not. It aims to filter the next email so that the results are more targeted and effective.

Now, KIRIM.EMAIL launched a new feature called Geolocation. With this feature you can segment your email list according to location. So, the email you send can be even more personal.

For those of you who have never use email segmentation based on location, you might never imagine how it works.

But you do not have to worry, because we have created a video tutorial on How to do Segmentation Based on Location with the Geolocation Feature.

You can watch it through the following video. So, you can immediately get a clear picture of segmentation based on this location and a description of the Geolocation feature.


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