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Last modified: December 29, 2021
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Do you have a website for making your business look more professional? Then what kind of format that your websites use? AMP format? If not, well, it’s okay because AMP format is quite complicated, but your form can load faster. Still, AMP formats have loyal users.

If you are a user of AMP format for websites, you can use a particular AMP embed form on your website page.

It will make your form load faster significantly than before, but, from the appearance, it has not changed.

Well, isn’t it great making your form load run faster?

If you want to use an AMP form, you can follow these steps. It is easy!

  1. Let’s start with making new forms or edit the previous form.
  2. Before that, ensure that the form status is ON. You can see in the top right corner.
  3. In the Design part, click on the HTML tab and click on a check on the Use AMP Form option.

  4. Now you can copy the provided form code. Then embed or paste it on your website page using the AMP format.
  5. Finish.

That’s all you should do to use AMP form for your website. In this case, you use AMP format for websites. If you have any questions about this thing, you can ask me via email to

Have a nice day!

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