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Last modified: February 11, 2021
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You must know that KIRIM.EMAIL has a feature for you who has an agency company. It is the Agency feature. You can manage your email marketing campaigns from your client in an easy way, practical, and the access 100% is entirely yours with this feature.

To use this feature, please following the steps below.

Access Agency Dashboard

  1. Login to page.
  2. Click Agency Dashboard button on the main menu.
  3. You can see the result as in the following image:

Agency Dashboard Anatomy

After successfully entering the Agency dashboard, you need to know the anatomy of it. Agency Dashboard consists of two main pages and two main buttons.

The main pages of the Agency dashboard are:

  1. Home. On this page, you can get some information about how much is the remaining credits, the number of clients, and a summary of each existing client.
  2. Credit History. On this page, you can get some information about your email credit history.

Since you already know about the pages on Agency Dashboard, now we move to the main buttons. The Agency dashboard has two main buttons, among others:

  1. Add New Client button. You can use this button to add a new client.
  2. Go to App button. Then this button can be used to access the page in one click..

Adding New Client

What will you do to add a new client to the Agency dashboard? Is there any special treatment? Well, you can get the answers by following these steps:

  1. First, click on the Add New Client button on the Agency Dashboard page.
  2. On the Add New Client page, you will enter Account Details,
    then fill in the fields on the form such as username, email address, automatic password (or you can click on the Regenerate button to choose another password option), and choose email credit from 1,000 up to the limit available.
  3. If it is complete, click on the Next button.
  4. After you click on the Next button, you will go to the next page named Add New Client > Client Details
    On this page, all you need to do is fill in the field as the company or business name, tagline, company phone number, website, country, city, postal code, and street address. 
  5. Then click on the Next button.
  6. Now you are on Add New Client > Confirm Details page to recheck the data that you already input. 
    If you want to change the data, you should do it right now by clicking on the Edit button. Why? It is because after you save the data, you can not edit it again, except the password.
  7. After ensuring everything is right, you can click on the Save button.
  8. The result is your new client successfully added!
  9. Finish.

Then, your clients will get an email notification containing the account details that you give to them. With this information, your clients can also manage and monitor your running campaigns.

Buttons in Action Column

You have successfully added clients, now you need to manage the account. But how? Well, you should know the buttons in the action column so you can supervise it well. At least, there are four buttons that you can use to manage the clients. They are:

  1. Login As
  2. Update Password
  3. View Client
  4. Revoke

Login As

Introduce our first button in the action column namely Login As. With this button, you can access the client’s page without login. Login here means enter the account with username and password. You can do it without the user’s username and password.

When you click on the Login As for the first time, you will see an onboarding page such as the following.

As an agency, you need to finish the data by inputting all of them on the onboarding form.

Update Password

Update password is the second button that you should know. Update password marked with a lock icon. If you click on the button, the pop-up notification will show as the picture shown below.

You can input a new password for your client. Don’t forget to click on the Update Password button if you finished adding a new password to save it.

View Client

The third button is View Client which is marked with a bullet list icon. If you click on the button, you will see some information about products used by your clients, their status, and expiration date.


Finally, the last button is Revoke. Revoke can be used when your cooperation with the client ends and the contract is not extended. That’s what Revoke is for.

If you click on the button, your client’s status becomes Pending, and unable to send the email.

Note : For attention, after you click on the Revoke button, email credit is not immediately returned. It takes three days to return email credit.

That’s how to use the Agency feature from KIRIM.EMAIL. If you have any questions or maybe problems about this, feel free to contact us by chat or email us at

Have a nice day.

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