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Last modified: December 8, 2021
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On this page you will find information about KIRIM.EMAIL wordpress integration form plugin. But before that it is better for you to know in advance what KIRIM.EMAIL wordpress integration form plugin is and its function. 

Definition and Function

KIRIM.EMAIL WordPress Integration Form Plugin is a WordPress plugin which will facilitate you to install Kirim.Email form in your website/blog/online shop based on WordPress.

The normal way to place the Kirim.Email form is by copying the source code into the website you have. The process may be rather long and time consuming.

But by This Kirim.Email WordPress Integration Form plugin you can trim the process so that your time can be more efficient. You only need to open your WordPress dashboard without needing to enter the Kirim.Email application page to get the source code. 

And in terms of function, Kirim.Email WordPress integration form plugin functions to display the form. 

How to Install and Activate

To be able to use the Kirim.Email WordPress Integration Form Plugin you need to install and activate it first.

For installing and activating it, please follow the steps in the following video:

Account Setting

After you successfully install and activate the Kirim.Email WordPress Integration Form Plugin, the next step is to set up an account.

Account setting is very easy to be done. You just need to enter your username of Kirim.Email account and also the API Token that you have.

To get the API token, please follow the tutorial here.

Then click the Save Changes button.

How to Use Kirim.Email WordPress Integration Form Plugin

After you successfully set up your account then your form in Kirim.Email is already connected with your WordPress. Next all you need to do is use it.

If you click on the menu and see a table that means it is connected. But if the table doesn’t appear, then your form is not connected yet. It is possible that the user name and API Token you entered is incorrect. The solution, please reenter the correct username and API Token.

form sudah terhubung dengan WordPress

How to Display Forms on All Pages

It is very easy to display the form on all the pages of your website.


What you need to do is just simply click the ON / OFF button on the popup column and the Bar column.

If you want to display the Form in a Popup form, just click the ON button. But if you don’t want to display it, just click the OFF button.

Likewise with the Form in the form of Bar. All you have to do is click the On button to activate and Off to deactivate it.

In One Form you can also display 2 forms at once, can be in the form of Popups and Bars.

But in this setting you cannot activate 2 different forms in one form type.

For example you want to display form A and form B with the type of pop up. If this happens the plugin will automatically select the form that you last activated. 

If you want to continue to display 2 forms on all pages then you need to choose a different type of form.

For more details, please consider the following video:


Next, in the Action Column there is an Edit button on each form that you have. It functions to make adjustment to the contents of your form without the need to enter the Kirim.Email application.

For more details, please consider the following video.

How to Display the Form in the Sidebar

If your WordPress website has a sidebar, then you can place the form in your sidebar. It is easy to be done. Please kindly follow the steps in the following video.

How to Display the Form on a Certain Post / Page

To be able to display the form on this particular post / page you can use 2 methods.

The first way is by using a shortcode, while the second way by using the options in the post / page editor.

This method can be used for new / old posts / pages. For more details, please see the following video.

Thus the tutorial on how to use Kirim.Email WordPress Integration Form Plugins is. If there are difficulties please do not hesitate to contact us. 

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