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Last modified: August 26, 2020
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With this feature, you can create a beautiful landing page without coding or design. Simple drag and drop in the template we provide for you.

Pre Set Up Landing Page Builder from KIRIM.EMAIL

2. Go to Forms Menu.
3. Click New Form on the right top corner of the screen.
4. A popup will appear as shown below, please fill in the name of your landing page and choose the list where you will store your data for your landing page. If you have not made any list, create a new one by clicking create new list.
5. Click Create Landing Page.
6. You will be directed to the builder page. The first thing you have to do is choosing the type of your form. You can choose simple opt-in, standard double opt-in, and single opt-in. Please choose the form you need. 
7. In this tutorial, we will show you how to create landing page with single opt-in.
8. In the landing page settings section, make sure the form name and the list name is correct, then turn the status on.
9. In the general tab, fill in the landing page name, description, and submit button label.
10. In the post-sign-up tab, you can set up what will the audience receive after they sign up for you. For example, you can send them a thank you message. 
11. In the approval setting tab, you can either move or copy your subscriber. Especially when there are double subscribers on your list.
12. In the fields tab, you can set up what are the information you need from your subscriber. 
13. In the publish tab, you can choose on how you will publish your landing page. You can use a QR code, or a custom domain. 
14. Click Done.

Set Up The Landing Page

You will see the appearance of the blank page like the picture below. On the right side, you will see content, blocks, body, and images. 
On the upper side of the menu, you will see export to generate and backup your landing page, import to put your design to the page, and template to put a design template to the page.
Basically, there are two ways to create a landing page. First, you can design it from scratch. Second, you can use our template to save time. 

Design from scratch

To design the landing page from scratch, you can explore all the feature in the landing page builder to make it beautiful.
1. Use content to put the element you need such as Heading, text, image, or form.
2. Use blocks to insert the column and positioning your content. 
3. In the body section, you can change the background color, or insert a background image from your PC. 
4. In the Image section, you can use a lot of free images to put on your page. It is very simple and easy.
You can explore all the function, everything you need is on your screen and you just need to drag and drop the elements.


Design by template

If you do not have much time, you can use our free template to create the landing page. 
1. Click Free Template button
2. Choose a free template you need
3. Edit the appearance.
If you use a template, you do not need to think about the positioning anymore, you just have to adjust the content. 
If you need more element, you can use the element on the right side of the page. When everything is set up, click save to save the landing page draft. 

Everything is finish. If you have any difficulties, pleas contact our support at 
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