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Last modified: August 18, 2020
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How to Integrate KIRIM.EMAIL with Facebook Lead Ads

With this feature, you can integrate Facebook lead ads objectives with KIRIM.EMAIL so you do not need to manually export and import from your fan pages, the incoming email will immediately sync to the list on KIRIM.EMAIL that you have integrated.

To find out how to integrate Facebook Lead Ads with KIRIM.EMAIL, please follow the steps below:

Connect to Facebook

  1. Login to aplikasi.kirim.email/dashboard
  2. Go to Integration Menu
  3. Click Facebook Icon. Make sure you are connected to your Facebook account.
  4. Click Connect to Facebook button in the top right corner, and after the new page is loaded, click Connect to Facebook button.

  5. Click Save. Your account is now integrated with KIRIM.EMAIL.

Manage Page

  1. Next, go to Facebook Integration page, then click Manage Page
  2. Click New Page button in the top-right corner to integrate your page with KIRIM.EMAIL. Choose your page, and click Add Page.

  3. Click the Subscribe button to activate your page.

  4. Go back to dashboard, and click Add Form.

  5. The form will appear, but please remember that this form is not the one that was made in KIRIM.EMAIL. This is the form that is meant for running your Facebook Ads. If you have integrated your account, it will automatically appear here.
  6. Click Save to finish.

If you have integrated before but an error occurs, You have to do this:

Refresh Token

To be able to reuse the Facebook Integration feature, you must refresh the token. So, if you have run Facebook Integration before the platform is updated, the token you are using is no longer valid. Therefore, you must use a new token so that the integration process returns to normal.

To refresh this token is as follows:

1 / Please login to application.kirim.email by entering your username and password

2 / After arriving at the dashboard, click the Integration menu> select the Facebook logo> click the Change Connection button. Or directly click the following link => https://aplikasi.kirim.email/fb/config.

3 / After that you will go to the Connection Setting page as shown below:

4 / On the page above, under “Expired At” you will see 3 buttons which are Clear, Save, and Cancel.

5 / To start refreshing the token, please click the Clear button first, wait for the process. After that click the Save button.

6 / Reconnect to Facebook by clicking the Connect to Facebook button. After that click the Save button again.

7 / The refresh token process is complete.

For the record, every 2 months please refresh your tokens again.

That’s the latest tutorial on integrating KIRIM.EMAIL with Facebook Lead Ads. If you have any difficulty in the process, please do not hesitate to contact us at m.me/kirim.email.

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