How to Connect KIRIM.EMAIL with Facebook Page

Last modified: January 5, 2021
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KIRIM.EMAIL has done so much integration with many platforms to make the users feel comfortable using it. One of the platforms, maybe the most used, is Facebook. KIRIM.EMAIL can integrate with Facebook. Here are the steps to connect KIRIM.EMAIL with your Facebook Page. :

Step 1 : 

You can start by login into your KIRIM.EMAIL application page with your username and password.

Step 2 : 

After that, you should click on the Extensions menu then click on the Facebook logo.

Step 3 : 

Then you will enter the Facebook Integration page. For those who never did integration with Facebook, please click on the Change Connection button.

Step 4 : 

While you are on the Facebook Integration>Connection Setting, click on the Connect to the Facebook button.

Step 5 : 

After that, you would be asked to connect your Facebook page with the following steps below. :

Click Edit Settings button
Choose Page


Switch all to YES and click DONE button.


Click OK button.

Step 6 : 

After that process, the pop-up message will pop as the picture below. All you need to do is click on the OK on the pop-up message :

Step 7 : 

Last but not least, click on the Save button to save it. After that, a success notification will pop up then you can click on the OK button.

To leave this page, you can click on the Cancel button on the top right corner.


Knowing you Facebook Has Been Connected or Not

You still have one thing to do after following the steps above. That’s to check whether your KIRIM.EMAIL account has been connected to your Facebook page or not.

There is an easy way to check it. You only need to click on the Manage Page tab then you can see if your Facebook Page shows on there or not. If it shows up, it means the integration is successful. If it doesn’t show up, it means your integration has failed.


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