How to get the token

Last modified: July 15, 2021
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Token is a secret unique code. Token is used to connect the platform you are running with other platforms.

For the example, you want to connect KIRIM.EMAIL with Zapier, Facebook Ads, Utas, or Woocommerce. So, if you want to be connected, token is needed to bridge the data communication between two different platforms.

Remember that token is a secret code, don’t let the others know except you!

Here are some steps how to get the token at KIRIM.EMAIL:

1. Login to

2. Click the small arrow in the right corner of your screen, then select the Account Settings menu.

3. In the Account Settings page, click the sub menu that called API Token.

4. Then, click the view token button.

5. After that, the pop up of API token will appear on your screen then click YES button.

6. Then your token will appear immediately. You can copy the token to the platform that you want to connect with KIRIM.EMAIL

7. Done.

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