How To Integrate With Typeform

Last modified: November 14, 2023
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To integrate with Typeform services, please follow these steps:

Open the Integrations menu on your KIRIM.EMAIL Account


Login your Typeform account

To get the private token key, please open the link

The following is what your Typeform dashboard will look like. Select All Scopes, and name your Token as in the picture below:

After that, click Generate, a token will appear as in the image below:

The Typeform integration page will display an input form to enter the personal token key from each Typeform account.

Copy and paste the Token you got in your KIRIM.EMAIL configuration section:

Click save.

Make Integration

Click the integration tab. On this page, a list of integrations that have been created will appear. To create an integration, please click the Add New button.

Fill in the integration configuration according to your choice

Automatically, the workspace Typeform options will appear,

If the workspace is selected, a form option will appear,

After selecting the form, field options will appear on your Typeform and Subscriber List on the KIRIM.EMAIL account, adjust to your choices, and make sure the Email option is filled in; otherwise, the integration will not be successful

Select the destination list to save the integration results

Click save if you have set the field options

Manajemen Integrasi

  1. You can click Run Sync to run the integration; the integration process runs in the background; please wait a moment.
  2. To see the integration results, click Sync Log. It will display the integration time and the amount of data obtained.
  3. To edit your running integration, you can click the Edit Button
  4. If you want to delete the integration, you can click the Delete Button.
  5. Done
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