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Last modified: February 15, 2022
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Welcome to the KIRIM.EMAIL tutorial page and thank you for being part of the big family of KIRIM.EMAIL users.

Before you start using the KIRIM.EMAIL service, we would like to introduce you to the important pages in the KIRIM.EMAIL ecosystem through this page.

We hope that by getting to know these pages, you will better understand KIRIM.EMAIL and are able to use all of the resources provided optimally.

These pages include:



The first main page, of course, is the homepage. You can get KIRIM.EMAIL profile information, main offers, testimonials, and also some of our user profiles on this page.

There are also navigation buttons and links that will help you navigate the entire KIRIM.EMAIL page.

To access it, you can directly visit

Membership Page

The second main page is the membership page.

Here you can access and manage information about your account at KIRIM.EMAIL, such as:

  • The services you use, whether active or expired.
  • View and download invoices.
  • Change the password and also implement double security.
  • Get affiliate links and commission information.
  • And many more.

In addition, by logging in through this page, you can directly access the application page without having to log in again.

To access this membership page, please visit In addition, you can access the tutorial for logging in here.

Application Page

The third main page is the application page.

Later, most of your email marketing tasks, such as creating lists and forms, sending email broadcasts, importing and exporting contacts, and setting up autoresponders, will be available here.

To access it, you can visit Or you can also log in through the membership page.

You can learn how to do this here.


The fourth main page is the tutorial page. You can find guidance on using the KIRIM.EMAIL application on this page.

So, if you’re having trouble using the app, you can find and read tutorials on how to use it here.

To access it, you can visit


Academy page is the fifth main page in KIRIM.EMAIL.

If the tutorial page shows you how to use the app, this Academy page will show you how to create and execute a good email marketing campaign.

Not only that, but there are also additional resources on this Academy page regarding business strategy, traffic generation, copywriting, and other topics that online businesses may require to expand their businesses.

We created this Academy page specifically for KIRIM.EMAIL users, so those of you who don’t have an account, will not be able to access it.

To access it, you can visit


The sixth main page is the blog. You may find the most recent business and digital marketing articles on this page. To access it, please visit

Those are some important pages in the KIRIM.EMAIL ecosystem. Please contact us by email at if you have any questions.

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