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Last modified: December 8, 2021
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In this tutorial, you will learn how to create a list and import contacts.

Tutorial on Creating List

The list is a section to store contacts. Contacts can be in the form of e-mail addresses, cellphone numbers, names, home addresses, and so on.

Before you create a form, send a broadcast e-mail, or autoresponder e-mail, you need to create a list first. For forms, the purpose of this list is to accommodate incoming contact data. As for broadcasts and autoresponders, this list will be intended as an email destination.

To create a list at KIRIM.EMAIL, please follow the steps below.


1st step

Open your browser and type Then, log in with your username and password.

2nd step

After arriving at the membership page, click the Lists menu, then click the New List button

3rd step

Fill the form in the Create New List

  • Internal name: the name of the list that you used for internal purposes. Only you and the admin/team can see the list name. The goal is to facilitate the search for a list and distinguish one list from another list.
  • Public name: the name of the list used for external purposes. The name of the list can be seen by subscribers and the people behind your account. The goal is that your subscribers recognize and know that they are included in any list.
  • Public status: there are 2 options here that are open and close. If you choose open then you can access the webcopy in this list. Whereas if you choose close, then when you access the webcopy will be redirected to the homepage KIRIM.EMAIL. To access the webcopy / web archive please follow the guide here.
  • Default subscribers field : these are the fields that will automatically appear on the form or landing page.
  • Email Confirmation Template: This is an email template that is sent as a confirmation email after a contact enters the list. You can create your own email confirmation template. But in the meantime, if there are no other choices, you can use the default option. 

After you fill out the form, click the Submit button to save and create List. Wait for the process and the list you created is ready to use.


How to Import Contacts

After you have successfully created the list, the next step is to add contacts to your list

To add contacts to the list at KIRIM.EMAIL, there are several ways we recommend, you can learn the methods here.

In that article, we state that we do not recommend you to import the data, except on a certain case such as:

  • You move to another marketing email service (migration)
  • You create an event where the data might offline

In addition to the process that takes a lot of time and energy and is tiring, data import has many shortcomings especially if you move from offline or handwritten data.

Typo, incorrect import file format, emails that don’t update can occur.

However, for those who want to open contacts, please follow the steps below:

1st step

Log in on the KIRIM.EMAIL application page with your username and password

2nd step

Click Lists menu, and then choose the list name you want to import. Then click Subscribers on the Action column.

3rd step

Then you will be on the Manage Subscribers page. Click Import Subscribers button on this page.

4th step

After that, a pop up window will appear in the picture below.

This is a warning about import policy

Before you import the contacts, please reconsider using the methods that we have provided. You can use Google Sheets or integration with various platforms such as Yukbisnis, WooCommerce, Berdu, Facebook, and Zapier.

If at any time the contact that you import is not in accordance with our conditions, your account may be blocked

Consequently, before importing the contacts make sure you do not violate the provisions in force at KIRIM.EMAIL

If you are sure there is no violation potential, please click the Continue Import Contacts link.

Langkah 5

After that, you will enter to Import Subscribers page.

On this page, there are two ways which you can use to import contacts. From these two import types, you can choose one of them. The choices are:

  • Copy Paste
  • File

Import Type: Copy Paste

The first way to import contacts is by copy-paste. Import contact by copy-paste is quite easy. You just need to enter the data that you want to import and separate it with comma (,). Then if there is more than one data, you can separate it with entering. 

For example, you want to enter contact with the name Dion and his email address is So for the import format by copy-paste will be this way:

  • Dion Arfan,
  • Sholeh Muhammad,
  • Nuha,

Import Type: File

For the second way of importing contacts, you can use the file. The way it works is by uploading contacts that are stored in files with the format CSV or XLSX.

To create this CVS file you can learn it here. 

Then in the Import Source section, please select the location where you saved the contact file.

Data Verification

After choosing one of these two import types, you must verify the data.

This data verification serves to prove the contact data that you imported is valid and does not comply with applicable regulations.

On this data verification section, there are two parts you need to upload. These two parts are:

1. Data verification with ID card/driving license or any other documents

In this section, you are required to show your identity card in the form of an ID card, passport, or driving license. The identity card required can be the account holder or the marketer’s ID card. The file must be in PNG, BMP, jpg, or PDF format with a maximum size of 2MB.

But for those of you who have already uploaded an ID card, you do not need to upload it. You can directly upload the evidence related to the contact you importing

Display verification data for users who have uploaded an identity card

2. Proof of submitting emails

In this section, you must show the evidence on how and where you get the contact data that you uploaded.

For example, you have an event organizer business that often holds workshops or seminars. From this workshop or seminar, you will get the participant’s contact written on the form or paper. This form or paper is what you need to photograph or scan in PDF format. Then attach it to this section.

Another example if you get in contact by advertising through Facebook Lead Ads, you can attach this contact data in the form of CSV or XLSX file then upload it in this section.

The file can be in the form of photos of physical documents or documents in the form of soft files. After you upload it, click the Submit button. 

6th step

Next step, you will be on the Select Field page. On this page, you asked to map the data that you import. On this page, you could adjust the data in the left column and the right column. For instance:

For more details, you could see the image as shown below.

If you want to add the field in the Map to field option, please click the “New Field” button, then a popup will be shown as the image below:

Fill in the form in the provided field and then click Submit button.

The result shows below:

Once done, click Submit button.

7th step
Wait for the process a few moments. If a pop up appears like the following picture, click the OK button and open your email to continue the import process.
8th step
Open your email and search the subject Kirim.Email Notification. In this email, you will get information on whether the import process for your contacts was accepted or rejected.

  • If it is accepted you can go directly to the list you just imported to see the addition of your contacts.
  • If it is rejected you can try to import contacts in another way.


That is all the tutorials on how to create a list and import contacts at KIRIM.EMAIL. If you have questions or problems related to this please send them via email to

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