How to Upload Images on the Email

Last modified: August 11, 2020
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Images are the key content to success in your email marketing. With image readers are easier to understand your intention because they get a visual image or illustration. But not all images can be put on an email, especially large-sized images. If you do not limit the size, the appearance of your content will be ugly and it wasted your time. On this page, we want to share about how to adjust the image size in email. The size we recommend in the email is 400px. You can learn the step by step guide below: Step 1: Click Upload
Step 2: Select the Image you want Step 3: Upload the image Step 4: Right Click on the image and select Image Properties Step 5: Then adjust it to 400-500 px in the Width column
Step 6: Click Advance to confirm
Step 7: Click OK and the image size is ready
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