How to Use Email Marketing Automation

Last modified: February 12, 2021
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Tutorial on How to Use Email Marketing Automation by KIRIM.EMAIL


If you do not have the Email marketing Automation feature yet, please click here

If you already have it, please come here https://ap


  1. Click the Automations menu> Create New Automation (shortcut:

email marketing automation KIRIM.EMAIL

  1. You will see a dashboard display like in the image below, then name your campaign, and click “Define Your Trigger”email marketing automation KIRIM.EMAIL
  2. Select Trigger according to your needs, here I choose Open Broadcast, then select which broadcasts you want to use as a marketing automation KIRIM.EMAIL
  3. After you select the trigger then select the “+” sign to continue the response you want to use.
  4. You will see this diplay.

    Explanation of Trigger, Response and Decission.- Trigger is the stimulus as in the initial stage. If you re-select the trigger, then the conditions of the 2 triggers must be met for the Automations feature to work.- Response is what will be done after someone meets the first trigger or 2 triggers if you use 2 triggers.- Decision is an optional decision in accordance with the behavior of your customer/subscriber. Decision part will be discussed at the end of the article, here I try to use Response.

You have several options to choose:

If you choose response, several response options will appear that you want to use as needed.

There are several choices including:

  • Copy to selected list> this option functions to copy your list from a specific list to another list that you choose
  • Delete from selected list> this option works to delete emails in your list if they meet the conditions/triggers that you specify
  • Send Email> this option works to send an email like an autoresponder if it has fulfilled the trigger you specified.
  • Add Tag> this option to mark e-mails in your list, which you can later use to broadcast using the Tag segment.

Then if you use Decision the display will appear as shown:


  1. Click “Define your decision“ then the display will show as below :
  2. Select the trigger you want to use then specify the time lag for your subscriber to meet the conditions/triggers that you specify.You can add responses on the right and left / Yes NO by clicking the “+” sign as shown:In the Chronology above, I triggered someone to open a broadcast e-mail and I gave 1 day pause to run the Automation that I made.- Here I try to Send Email Response for the Yes option, and Delete From Selected List for the No option–So, someone will receive an email if it has fulfilled the trigger I specified, that is 1 day after opening the broadcast email.- Whereas the subscriber who does not open the broadcast email that I triggered in one day then the email will be deleted from the list I chose.
  3. You can add more responses or decisions as you wish, it is unlimited according to the sales funnel you want by clicking the “+” sign continuously, otherwise, the Automation circuit will end, as shown in the figure:
    If you have finished creating an Automation circuit that is in accordance with your wishes then all you have to do is click the “DRAFT” button to “Running” then click Save, then your Automation Series is complete.
  4. Good Luck !!
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